Ramloc Connector

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RamLock Connector

A Fast and Secure Connect to the wellhead to perform wireline and other well interventions.

The ABEL RamLoc Connector © is a quick on/off tool to remotely and safely connect pressure control equipment to the wellhead during fracking, wireline, coil tubing, pumping (or flowback) and/or snubbing operations.

RamLoc Connected

The ABEL RamLoc Connector© is a self-supporting tool that will connect to the wellhead in 2-seconds and tests in 45 seconds after landing. Opens in 1-sec for disengagement. The tool can support multiple wells on location.

The ABEL RamLoc Connector © has redundant systems to ensure reliability and safe guards to protect personnel, property and the environment with:

  • Dual Redundant air/liquid pumps for tool operating and testing (with hand pump back up)
  • Stored energy (air and hydraulic) that operates 12 cycles without re-charge
  • LOCKOUT Mechanical lock that must be disengaged to open tool (disconnect)
  • Analog SHUTOFF Tool prevents opening if there is wellhead > 30 psi
  • Simple intuitive operational panel design
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