Abel LMRP Capping System
Abel LMRP Capping System

Subea Intervention for Deepwater Blowout Incidents

  • Quick to deploy thus minimizing incident impact
  • Cost Effective (10% of other systems)
  • Designed to be fit-for-purpose for flows of 200,000 bopd and/or 500 mmscf/d gas
  • Light weight – small footprint
  • Simple reliable controls and systems
  • Adapts to the Rigs existing LMRP system 
  • Utilizes Rigs existing resources i.e., Personnel, ROV, DP, cement pump, mud mixing, etc.
  • Can be held at rig site or near by 
  • Minimal cost to do the job 
  • Small footprint (2x 20’ containers)